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rainbow families

In the Czech Republic, same-sex couples have been able to enter into registered partnerships since 2006. The human rights organisation Jsme fér (We’re fair), which campaigns for marriage equality, points out that there are not only symbolic but also more than a hundred legal differences between this institution and marriage. Registered partners are not entitled to community property; they do not inherit automatically. Most importantly, they cannot adopt or become the legal parent of their partner’s child. Despite this, there are countless same-sex families in the Czech Republic. Veronika and Katka are among them. They live near Prague. And they live a normal life. Except that Czech law doesn’t see it that way. An amendment to the law that would allow same-sex couples to marry has been in the House for several years now.

Trehafod Wall

Trehafod is a village in the Rhondda Valley. In the 20th century, the Rhondda River, which runs through the valley, caused frequent flooding, one of which claimed one life. To avoid this, protective scheme was introduced – a wall was built.

The wall sometimes runs through people’s backyards. That is almost the case for Layla and Cara who live right next to the wall. They had a special history class about the floods from the 20th century about a week before these photos were taken. “Let’s hope the floods never happen again,” said David Lewis, a local resident.

Unfortunately, Trehafod was flooded again during Storm Dennis in 2020. These are some outtakes from my Trehafod story.


I have always thought that the beach is a weird place – one where the majority of people (for whatever reason) decide to ignore their body insecurities and become playful. So I took some photos.

prague pride 2020

Prague Pride Parade 2020, coverage for Seznam Zprávy.

nurses‘ room

Hospital is a place we want to avoid. It is not surprising considering many of the visits to sterile corridors aren’t associated with happy news. Perhaps because we want to get rid of these memories as quickly as possible, we neglect a certain group of people. Nurses. And it is their fatigue and exhaustion from a demanding job but also the joy and satisfaction of their meritorious work that characterise nurses‘ rooms. A room beyond its door most many of us do not see.