about work by now

Work by Now

semestral project @ Doc Phot USW Cardiff

This work is about now.

And by now.

For me, work by now was inspired by the now of 2020 when a global pandemic of the coronavirus spread across the globe. Once thought of as something that can hardly affect any of us, it soon became quite clear it would change all of our lives. Future as such became more uncertain than ever before. However, just like any other crisis it also took a toll personal, societal and economical. The first one is the main inspiration for this book.

My project is a personal response to the pandemic. It is mainly concerned with the psychological effects lockdown and isolation had on me and possibly many others. Interestingly, to a certain extent, this was a universal experience.

Being isolated in a confined space. More than ever before experiencing the magnitude of the outside world and nature. Feelings lost, anxious and uncertain. Witnessing tension in ourselves and subsequently in our own limited surroundings. But also the feelings of hope, reconciliation and new prospects of the future.

However, the work itself is not about the pandemic, it is about something else. It is about now.

So what is work by now for you?

The book can be also accessed via Issuu (click the image)